Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Horse Wash, renamed, sort of finished

Here's the title: Ponderosa Morning: After the Bath. There are some things I still want to fuss with, but it's all but done, and has been photographed and submitted for the Art at the Classic show.


Dean H. said...

Hi Eileen! Just found your new blog...I kept revisiting your old one (last post Aug. 25,'07)and wondering what happened to ya.
Very good art on this new have progressed since the last view. Great painting. Keep it up!!

Eileen Hale said...
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Eileen Hale said...

Thanks so much, Dean!!! And welcome! One of these days I WILL get back to my PAD blog: start doing more PADs, and posting, and all. Meanwhile - here I am! (If you don't want to have to visit all the time, to check on whether I have anything new, you can subscribe. I think subscribing is a particularly helpful thing for keeping an eye on artists like me who post so infrequently...) XXX, Eileen