Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And still more on Cinder

This was my work on Cinder yesterday. Not a lot, I think - it was one of those days when I don't feel sure of my concentration, so I focussed on small, straightforward things. Some of these were filling in her front paws; starting the pink stripe of the blanket; a little more work on a hind paw.

She's reaching the point where I'm starting to be able to envision her finished (sorry, I start referring to the painting as if it's the dog herself), but I have no idea how much longer she'll take. Could be next week; could be three weeks, could be six weeks... More likely still is that with another week or two of work, she'll have reached the point of being "almost finished," which is likely to mean another two or three sessions, doing little fiddling things; sitting and staring at the painting, listening to the feeling of what's right and what's not quite there yet; putting it away, going away for a few days, coming back and looking again; turning my back on it and then whirling around suddenly, trying to take it by surprise (don't laugh, it actually helps). (Of course, it's actually my own vision of it that I'm trying to take by surprise - anything to try to see it afresh.)

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