Friday, August 1, 2008

Artwork in my dining room

Here's a set of framed pieces hanging in my dining room; I love this group, the combination of pieces with their matting and framing, the way the shapes and colors go together. The middle one is, of course, The Break in the Forest. The top piece is a linocut called August Spots, and the bottom one is a linocut hand colored with colored pencil, called The Young Unicorn Addressed by the Quizbird.


Dean H. said...

Hi Eileen! That grouping looks great! The frames and mats really show the pieces at their best.

I have awarded you the Brillante Weblog award - you can read the info on my blog. You can pass it on or not, your choice. I figured this was just a nice way to let you know I appreciate your work.


Eileen Hale said...

Hey, Dean! Thanks for enjoying my grouping, and sharing my liking for this combination.

As for the Brillante Weblog award - WOW! - thank you so much!!! I looked at your list of my fellow honorees, and I feel like I'm in very good company!

I looked up Brillante Weblog Premio on Google, and found it in the museum of hoaxes; apparently there's no actual, final award, and so it's a bit like a chain letter. Nevertheless, I feel so very honored - even if it's an expanding thing, you picked me for one of your seven, and I'm very excited about it! It's real to me! And actually, I think it's kind of a paradox: it isn't real - there will be no final winner - and yet it IS real, as we are receiving real honors from people we respect highly, and getting to see other people's picks...

I'm gonna put a post about it on Fine Art America, with a link to your blog so people can see (if they want) why I'm so excited that you picked me.