Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cinder: the beginnings of the painting stage

Cinder is a boxer mix whose portrait I'm working on, as a couple's gift to their son and his wife. I'm using a photo of Cinder in a window seat, full of light, with a neat pillow, and two of Cinder's stuffed animals, including her favorite (and mine too, I think): Foofer, the blue one (the one on the right - I know, I know, you can hardly see the stuffed animals at all at this point). This will be oil on canvas, 14" x 20".

This (above) shows the drawing transferred to the canvas, and Cinder, her stuffed animals, and the pillow outlined in sepia. Behind her, you can faintly see outlines of the windowpanes, and the shadows on the window seat. This is how the charcoal transfer looked after I traced the drawing (below) onto the canvas. As it was so hard to see, I painstakingly went over the lines with the sepia, keeping the original drawing right behind the canvas, as reference. Here (below) is the drawing:

And this is an enhanced photo of the drawing (same photo, but with the lines brought out):

Here's what it looked like, with the drawing taped up behind my canvas, as I was painting in the lines:

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