Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Continuing with Cinder

So now I've just begun to put some color in Cinder's portrait. I started with the windows, the view through them basically a nice soft gray green; some trees, a bit of parking lot, and a grey condominium across the way. (Yes, I know, I spelled grey/gray two different ways. Generally I think of gray as a harder, colder color than grey, which to me is softer and gentler. So I guess when it's mixed with green, it's a harder gray to start with, whereas when it's these plain grey buildings, I don't want them harsh and industrial looking...) Also, I know, they look like pretty much the same color right now. That will change - a little bit.

Then, I started fooling around in Cinder's body with a yellowy gold. I think this will be a good under-color, and I'm interested what kind of a light it will cast once it's covered up.

And finally, there's the beginning of some shadow color around the pillow, just for fun.

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