Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is my new art blog

Hey hey hey! What I plan to do here: post photos of works in progress (WIP's), state my plans and intentions, say whether I've carried them out and what I plan to do next about it, upload, post and admire paintings and stuff from my existing body of work, and grab links from WIP's and finished pieces to add to posts on Fine Art America (FAA) and other places. Hey hey hey!

It's almost 12:30 at night, and I've been spending some time, when I wasn't painting, obsessing on FAA's site, lately: checking out, commenting, posting... I need to go to bed, and I have a nice Jane Austen to curl up with and fall asleep to, since Paul's away (that's also why I've gotten away with staying up SOOO late). Made salad tonight, so I need to wash the salad bowl. Maybe I'll post on my blabbing blog soon about how I usually don't wash all the dishes after dinner, but salad bowls need to be done right away.

So. Tomorrow I want to change the bed, take out recycling (before the pile falls over), and do Jo Kata. I also need to start digging holes for two fig trees and a plum tree, and plant them. First, before bed, I think I'll add one of my favorite paintings. Which one shall it be? I think Reagan.

Okay, here's Reagan; I'll probably change the picture later, as I think it needs cropping, but for now it's okay. Lovely Reagan. (5/19: I have changed the picture to the trimmed version.)

Info about Reagan: Reagan's portrait is a watercolor, 20" x 29", done in 2000. Prints of her portrait are available on-demand on Fine Art America (see links).

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