Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cinder: more work on her head - WIP #14

Today's work on Cinder: more detail and filling in, on her head; a lot of work on the blanket fringe; and some refining on her right elbow (front leg) and hind knee. It's getting very close. A bit more work needed on her eyes. Her left eye is still not as developed as her right. I think the fringe needs a little more detail, too, but maybe not much. I might work some more on her hind toes; not sure about that right now.

Then it will be time to turn my back to the painting, close my eyes, and spin around fast to look at it; do some squinting; and anything else I can think of, to get a sense of what last things it needs, for balance and aliveness.

Here's a detail of her face.

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