Monday, August 25, 2008

Cinder: working on her head - WIP #13

Recent work has been mainly on Cinder's head, and sometimes it seems to go very slowly, and be very subtle. But I feel like her eyes are coming to life, and her nose is looking good. I did some work on the fringe, as well.

It's coming, it's coming... (Did I ever mention my - favorite - art teacher, in high school summer school, who said that to me every day for six weeks? "It's coming, it's coming..." I wanted to yell, "Yeah, but when's it going to BE there - be done???")

Here's a closeup of Cinder's head. Work on eyes, ears, nose. I have started to fill in the dark areas around her right eye (on our left, looking at it), but not much on her left eye yet.

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